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Tiffany Mynon Upcoming Performance For BET Music Matters

Platinum Boy Music's "Angel Of R&B" Tiffany Mynon joins Leon Timbo, Kris Kasanova, Emilio Rojas, and Bridget Kelly on the October 11th bill for the heralded BET Music Matters upcoming talent showcase. Check the flyer for the rest of the details:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amadeus Interviews For Versed Online

We'd like to thank the staff at Versed Online for this interview. Check it out below:

Antwan ‘Amadeus’ Thompson, the music director and drummer to Trey Songz, and part of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ ‘The Hitmen’ legendary production team, is also the CEO of Platinum Boy Music. Record producer and managed by Bad Boy Management,  Amadeus production credits include over 50 big name artists such as 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole, Jeezy, T.I, The Clipse, Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones, and more. Not only is he a Multi Platinum record producer,  Amadeus served as a judge & Music Director on Diddy’s Making His Band, and 106&park “Freestyle Fridays” this past Friday (9/16/2011.) had the chance to do a Q&A with the ‘hits’ producer…check it out!

1) VERSED: Your first break came when you produced for Foxy Brown for the “Cradle 2 the Grave” soundtrack. How did that opportunity come about?

Amadeus: I had a meeting with Foxy Brown’s brother Anton Marchand who was the VP of A&R at Interscope Records at the time & I played him a variety of Hip Hop tracks & he really liked what he heard & felt my style of production would be a great fit for his sister Foxy Brown. He arranged for me to go to the studio to meet Foxy Brown, where she recorded at Chung King studios in NYC. I played Foxy numerous tracks & she loved what she heard & picked  5 tracks that she really liked. The next day I got a phone call from her other brother Gavin informing me that she recorded 2 songs to my tracks one titled “Get Off Me” which was a diss record towards female rapper Eve. The other song was “Cradle 2 The Grave (My Life)” which ended up being the titled song for the movie Cradle 2 The Grave, along with being featured on the soundtrack. By being apart of this project I was rewarded my 1st Gold Plaque for the soundtrack selling over 500,000 copies.

2) VERSED: Many producers have something unique that allows listeners to identify their music. How does your music differ from other producers…what is your “identifier?”

Amadeus: I never was really a fan of making tracks similar to each other allowing the listeners to be able to identify a track of mine. I wanted to confuse people every time I produced a song. I wanted to prove to the world that I was capable of many different type of styles & sounds. I produced for artists all over the world, east coast, west coast, southern,   international artists & etc. The more creative & versatile you are as a producer the more opportunities you create for yourself.

3) VERSED: Is it more difficult to produce for a Hip-Hop influenced track with comparison to an R&B track?
Amadeus:  No not at all I’m a musician 1st. I can produce many different genres of music.

4) VERSED: Having worked with numerous artists, who would you say have been the most difficult to work with/for?

Amadeus: I’m grateful to God to say that I’ve never had an experience in which it was difficult for me to work with any particular artist. I’ve heard many stories, but fortunately I don’t have any of my own.


5)  VERSED: You’re a member of ‘Hitmen’ and also managed by Bad Boy Entertainment. With all the negative press surrounding Diddy, in reference to how he manages his artists, what incited your decision to become part of his camp?

Amadeus: I know what value I bring to the table & to the team. I’ve never been concerned with what other people have said about an individual. I’m the type of person that likes to experience things on my own. In life I feel that everyone’s situation is different. I’m a hard worker & I was already an established producer before I became apart of the Bad Boy Management team. No matter who I join forces with, this is MY career & I refuse to let anyone else work harder than me, for me.

6)  VERSED: With so many things going on in the music/entertainment industry; such as heavy drugs, sex, and homosexuality, as a Christian, do you find it difficult to work in such a secular environment?

Amadeus: No, I don’t find it difficult because these are all issues & things that happen all over the world not just in the secular music world. Unfortunately these things happen in the church as well. Everywhere you go there will be sin & wrongdoing. To me its all about what you as an individual choose to do. I choose to live with & for God. That has & will always sustain me in this difficult business that I’m a part of. I’ve been in the music business for over 15 years & I’ve shed blood, sweat & tears. It’s all worth it because, my steps have been ordered & this is my destiny. No weapon formed against me or my Platinum Boy Music team shall prosper!!!

7) VERSED: As the musical director and lead drummer for Trey Songz, how would you describe life on the road? What are some of the challenges you face being away from home?

Amadeus: Just like anything in life there are good times & challenging times. The most difficult part for me is being away from my wife & son. Thank God for technology I’m able to communicate with them as I travel the world but regardless of skype, email & etc there is nothing like really seeing & being with them face to face in person but it is what it is. I gotta work in order to provide & take care of my family, so it’s worth the sacrifice. Another challenge for me is being away from producing records w/artists. Being that I’m on the road a lot, I’m not able to work in the studio on new music as I would like to. I maintain my hustle & push the music that I’ve already created & fortunately I’ve gotten a few placements with those tracks. The reality of it all is that nothing in life is free you have to work & make sacrifices in order to become & remain successful.

8) VERSED: You’re the CEO of Platinum Boy Music Inc., explain the mission and what people should expect from your camp?

Amadeus: Platinum Boy Music Inc consists of female artist Tiffany Mynon “The Angel of R&B”, Producers Buda Da Future & Grandz Muzik , Calico Beatz, Esteban “Cito” Crandle & Songwriter Eric “Sankofa” Pullins. Were a family 1st & a team of individuals that are passionate about providing the world with top-notch quality music from our hearts & soul. There are a lot of different ventures in the works for Platinum Boy Music stay tuned to our movement.

9) VERSED: With the artists/producers under Platinum Boy Music inc., what is the process of signing on new artists/producers?

Amadeus: For me it’s ALL about what you bring to the table musically & as an individual. Millions of people have been blessed with a talent/gift but do you know who gave you that talent/gift, do u know what to do with that talent/gift, are some of the questions I ask to that up-incoming artist producer or songwriter. I’ve accomplished a lot on my own as a record producer so I’m always looking for someone that brings something different to the team. I wouldn’t sign a producer that sounds like me because I already have that area covered. I look for someone who is creating a sound or style I’m not & that’s what I’ve found in the producers/songwriters that I have on the Platinum Boy Music roster.

10)  VERSED: What advice would you give to up & coming music producers?

Amadeus: It’s a tough business so the 1st thing I would say to the producers is, if this is what you want to do then it must be a passion 1st. Don’t do this to become famous or to become rich, that’s the wrong reasons, because success in the music doesn’t happen overnight & if it did for someone it didn’t last very long. 2nd enjoy what you do as a creative person, be free & create from your heart/soul. Don’t worry about creating music like what’s on the radio. Just allow the music you create to be real & sincere, the audience will see the realness & they’ll support your work. Most important to me is to have fun, the moment it stops being fun to create music, which is your passion, it becomes extremely difficult to continue. I could go on & on but I’m sure you get the point. Don’t stop chasing your dreams, no matter what.

11)  VERSED: What is next on your roster?

Amadeus: Tiffany Mynon “The Angel of R&B” Album coming soon!!! Be sure to log on to daily for ALL updates on the Platinum Boy Music team & please follow us on twitter @ProducerAmadeus & @TiffanyMynon thanks in advance for all of your support God Bless

Amadeus Interviews For AKAI Professional

We'd like to thank the staff at Akai Professional for this interview. Check out our dialogue below:

Antwan “Amadeus” Thompson began his musical journey as a child with a passion for drumming, laying down the beat in school and at church. Amadeus has translated that passion for the beat into a career as a producer, laying down tracks with an impressive and expanding catalog of notable artists. We were flattered to hear that Amadeus has an unbroken MPC-streak, utilizing the iconic Akai Pro technology on every studio project he’s worked on, and now includes the LPK25, LPD8 and APC40 in his production arsenal.

Amadeus is a very busy man, balancing his roles as one of today’s most sought-after producers, Musical Director for Trey Songz, and CEO of Platinum Boy Records, all while remaining dedicated to his family and committed to learning his craft and stretching his abilities. In this interview, Amadeus took some time to answer our questions, giving us some perspective on where he’s come from and providing a glimpse into his life behind the drums and in the production chair:

Akai Pro: Where did the name “Amadeus” come from?

Amadeus: I got the name Amadeus from the late great composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I was introduced to him at an early age in school. While watching the film Amadeus, I realized that we had a lot in common, so the name was a perfect fit for me.

AP: You started playing drums as a kid in school and in church. How did each of those environments influence your development as a musician and producer?

AT: In school, I learned all of the fundamentals & theory of music; how to read, play music, etc., but it was in church where I developed my craft as a musician by always being around other musicians from around the world who visited our church, taking bits and pieces from their playing and making it into my own style and sound. In church your free to try and explore sounds, styles and different forms of playing, so I feel like it was my playing in church that help me to perfect my craft in my own way.

AP: Who inspired you when you were learning to play?

AT: Many different drummers, such as Steve "Supe" White, Dave Weckl, Gerald Haywood, Steve Gadd, Jeff Davis, and Chris "Daddy" Dave, to name a few.

AP: Have you always been more of a pocket drummer, locking into the groove of a song, or has that developed over time?

AT: (Laughs) No, when I started playing drums I was reckless, always trying to put a drum fill in every spot available, and as time went on, I realized that it’s not about how many tricks you can do; it’s about how you can hold down the groove. Once I came to realize that, I was able to get plenty of gigs. I was taught growing up that there was a time and a place for everything, and that same principle goes for musicians as well.

AP: Why do you think you've become so successful?

AT: My drive, determination, work ethics, and being able to create and maintain relationships; being and remaining humble; always wanting to grow and re-create myself and my sound; studying to learn as much as I can about the music business, and always working towards perfecting my craft. Most important, I feel what I’m doing, and where I’m at in my career, was always destined.

AP: When did you start using MPCs?

AT: I started using the MPC about 12 years ago.

AP: What is your favorite MPC feature?

AT: I love so many features it hard to choose, but if I had to choose one I would say the sampling aspect of the machine.

AP: What are some recent tracks people can hear your MPC work on?

AT: Every record I’ve produced in my career has been created on the MPC 2000 XL, and I've produced for over 50 artists, such as 50Cent, Lil Wayne, T.I, Keyshia Cole, Fabolous, Diddy, Danity Kane, Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Cee-Lo Green, Mya, Talib Kweli, Joe Thomas, Donnie Klang, The Clipse, Trey Songz, Young Jeezy, ESPN, VH1, MTV & many more.

AP: What are your other Akai Pro favorites, and what makes them your choice as a production and music creation tools?

AT: Besides the MPC2000XL, my other favorites are the following: LPD8 Laptop Pad Controller and LPK25 Laptop Performance Keyboard. The fact that they’re portable and I’m able to travel with them and use with my laptop is absolutely AMAZING!!!

AP: You’ve produced records for a lot of artists. How much does process and workflow differ from artist to artist?

AT: Each individual artist have there own style and sound, so it’s very different. As a producer you have to be mindful of that, some artists like to work in the studio with the producer and create from scratch, some artists like to work and create on their own with out the producer being present, so it depends; you have to be able to adapt to any environment and make it happen as a record producer or musician.

AP: What attitudes or approaches towards production do top artists have in common?

AT: I would have to say doing the best job possible, and hoping the song that has been created becomes a hit record all over the world.

AP: What does being Trey Songz’ musical director entail, and how has it stretched and challenged you?

AT: As Trey Songz music director, it’s my job to see his vision through musically in anyway possible. It’s my job to select the band members, teach them the music, share creative ideas to come up with the best show possible, create and negotiate band budgets, select instruments that will create the exact sounds that the records have, create set lists with and for the artist and much more. It’s challenging at times because, in many situations, time is limited, so it can create pressure, wanting to be able to deliver and have the artist be happy with your work. What’s also challenging is being away from my family, that I love dearly, for long periods of time, but it comes with the job and I have their full support, which helps ALOT.

AP: What Akai Pro gear with you on tour?

AT: I have the LPK25 Laptop Midi Keyboard Controller and the LPD8 Laptop Pad Controller for production, and for Trey's show we use the APC40 Ableton Performance Controller to run the show.

AP: What artists would you would like to produce for in the future?

AT: I would love to have the opportunity to produce records for artists such as Jay-Z, Usher, Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas, Rick Ross, Christina Aguilera, Drake, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Nicki Minaj, Madonna and Kanye West, to name a few.

AP: What are some bands or artists people would be surprised to find out you enjoy?

AT: Kings of Leon, Evanescence, Black Eyed Peas, Mutemath, David Guetta, and DJ Tiesto, to name a few.

AP: What do you do outside of producing and playing drums?

AT: Enjoy valuable time with my family, play videos games, watch movies, and enjoy life because I work hard!!!

AP: What's on tap for you in 2011?

AT: Finishing up my artist, Tiffany Mynon’s, Angel of R&B album! She's a breath of fresh air for the world…can’t wait till it’s done. Of course, producing for your favorite artists out today, and touring the world with Trey Songz as his Music Director & Drummer. Stay tuned to PLATINUM BOY MUSIC INC. we got next.

AP: What do you recommend up and coming producers do to become successful?

AT: First thing I would say is to make sure this is something that is a love and passion for you because what it takes for you to make it in this business requires a lot of blood sweat and tears, and you must be built for it. Second, be you!!!! Don't try to create music based off of what you hear on the radio; it’s ok to admire other producers work, but don't get caught up in trying to make your music sound like theirs. That wouldn't be you being true to yourself. Perfect your craft; there’s always something to learn from equipment, to who works at the labels, to who manages a specific artist. Create and maintain as many relationships as possible its very important. Once you become successful remain hungry & humble it will allow for you to continue to be successful. Good luck to ALL pursuing production as a career; all things are possible, just gotta work hard & hopefully I'll see you at the top.

Tiffany Mynon Performance For "The Hype" Music Showcase

Platinum Boy Music's "Angel Of R&B" Tiffany Mynon performs her singles "IKnowHowToLoveYou.Com" and "I'm Gone" at "The Hype" Music Showcase in NYC. Check out the footage below, film edited by Tiff Striggs.

Amadeus For Trey Songz At The Vodafone 020 Live Concert in Ghana Africa

Check out fan footage of Trey Songz performing in Ghana, Africa for Vodafone's 020 Live Concert. Platinum Boy Music CEO and Trey Songz Music Director Amadeus is on the drums along with the rest of the Trey Songz Experience band in tow show why they do what they do to end the show.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amadeus Judges 106 & Park Freestyle Friday - Bad Boy Edition

Platinum Boy Music CEO and BadBoy Hitman multi-platinum producer Amadeus sits on the panel to judge this week's Freestyle Friday battle with Sean "Diddy" Combs Global Brand Director & Dirty Money/Cassie A&R Director Capricorn and All Hip Hop's CEO Chuck Creekmur. Shout out to Cassie for her co-hosting duties. We see you in those J's Cap!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tiffany Mynon Interviews For SoulTrain.Com

We want to thank Joe Walker and the staff over at for the platform and opportunity to share Platinum Boy Music's Angel Of R&B Tiffany Mynon.

Check out her interview and listen to her single below: presents this exclusive World Premier, the new single “IKnowHowToLoveU.Com” by Platinum Boy Music recording artist/songwriter, “The Angel of R&B”, Tiffany Mynon! Song produced by multi-platinum-selling producer Amadeus – legendary BadBoy Hitman and Platinum Boy CEO

Before listening to her single, enjoy this exclusive in-depth interview with Tiffany Mynon, where she talks what influences her songwriting, working with Amadeus, and learning to love.

Soul Train: Tiffany, you can really feel the passion in your voice on “IKnowHowToLoveU.Com”. Is it your heart or creativity that drives the instrument of your voice?

Tiffany Mynon: It’s my heart. What I like most about songwriting and being creative when coming up with songs is the collaboration. I like to talk it out. These words are not coming so much from my head. I have to think about it, but when I stumble it’s coming from my heart, and I’m trying to get the words to match how I feel. Then I collaborate with the people I work with and they get what I’m saying. They get the picture based on what’s coming from my heart.

Soul Train: There’s an honestly emotional tone throughout the track Amadeus produced for this single. After he heard your words and felt you on the song, did he go back and make changes to the track to tailor it to how you were feeling or how he felt from what you were saying?

Tiffany Mynon:
Not this time; he didn’t do that this time, but he does that. But this one… It was already there, it magically worked! It just fit. I felt so passionately about the lyrics to the track, it just flowed.

Soul Train: Where do you feel this song really hits its flow?

Tiffany Mynon: On the bridge: “When your heart gets close to mine, you feel a connection; you can find me, you can find me on IKnowHowToLoveU.Com”. That’s essentially cyberspace. It’s never ending. You can find love anywhere if you’re looking for it.

Soul Train: Tiffany, what makes a song effective?

Tiffany Mynon: It’s when it can convey an emotion in the listener, whether it be a happy emotion or sad. It makes a person feel free. It uplifts the spirit and gets to the soul of the individual. I think that’s what makes a song effective.

Soul Train: Once “” was completed and you heard it with the ear of a listener, what kind of effect did it have on you?

Tiffany Mynon: An understanding of love! Everyone loves love, and compassion, and acceptance. I feel at times we all make mistakes, but when you have compassion for another person to understand why they maybe made a wrong decision and still love them in spite of that… I think that is the ultimate! After listening I just felt like heart-to-heart is what we are. We are all connected. Knowing how to love someone involves knowing how to be compassionate, how to forgive, and how to trust. Even when you’re yelling and angry, underneath all that is still love.

Soul Train:
What have you gained the most by putting your heart out there?

Tiffany Mynon: I’ve gained more personal experience. The more I listen to the song the more I realize how relevant it is for most people. From a child until you’re elderly you learn more and more about how to love. And it can be harder for some folks than others when it’s on a personal level. Listening to the lyrics over again it starts to make more sense. It makes me think about different things that have transpired in my life and how I’ve overcome.

Soul Train: When you’ve created a song based on personal experience, especially experience that comes from pain, how many times can you listen to it before it doesn’t hurt anymore?

Tiffany Mynon: Hmmm… That’s a good question. When you make the decision to say I’m not going to give you this, the power to hurt me! I’m going to take control of what it is. It’s hurt me before, so I already know what that’s like. So I’m going to let that go and move on. I’m not going to focus on that.

Soul Train:
What kind of power do you want listeners to get from the lyrics of this song?

Tiffany Mynon: I want them to understand that everyone has the power to know how to love, but it’s a work-in-progress. Everyone has the power to learn how to love, but it doesn’t come automatically because sometimes things happen that make us feel the opposite of love. You can be fearful and a lot of those other negative things. I want everyone to listen to the lyrics of this song and know they’re worthy of compassion, trust, and love. They’re capable of giving it back unconditionally.

Soul Train: Tiffany, if you could introduce this song to your listeners individually, in person, what would you say to them to make it a truly interpersonal interactive experience?

Tiffany Mynon: With social media taking the forefront of interpersonal relationships, I’m a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words. So learn how to love with “IKnowHowToLoveU.Com”

Tiffany Mynon On DJ KILLATOUCH's "We Are The Streets" Mixtape

Platinum Boy Music's own "Angel Of R&B" Tiffany Mynon has her single "IKnowHowToLoveYou.Com" featured on DJ KILLATOUCH's latest unsigned artist mixtape titled "We Are The Streets". The song is produced by Platinum Boy Music CEO and Bad Boy Hitmen producer Amadeus.

We at Platinum Boy Music want to thank DJ KILLATOUCH for the platform. To download the mixtape, check for the link below:

To download DJ KILLATOUCH "We Are The Streets" click HERE

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tiffany Mynon Feature Performance At Power105 Industry Showcase

Platinum Boy Music's own "Angel Of R&B" Tiffany Mynon performs at DJ Whutevva's Power 105.1 Industry Showcase. The event was hosted by radio personality Curt Flirt and included a performance by R&B group Allure. Check out Tiffany Mynon's performance below.

The track is produced by Platinum Boy Music CEO and BadBoy Hitmen producer Amadeus.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tiffany Mynon Feature Performance For iStandard NY Producer Showcase

Platinum Boy Music's "Angel Of R&B" Tiffany Mynon was the feature performer at this past week's iStandard New York Edition Producer Showcase. This particular performance includes one of her latest singles "" and "I'm Gone", both tracks produced by Platinum Boy Music CEO Amadeus. Check out her performance below:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Amadeus Interviews For Strapp Magazine With DJ Vega

We want to thank DJ Vega and Strapp Magazine for this Noisemakers interview with Platinum Boy Music CEO and Bad Boy Hitman Amadeus. Check out the interview below:

Tiffany Mynon & Fred The Godson "Dance The Night Away" (New Single)

Platinum Boy Music's own "Angel Of R&B" Tiffany Mynon teams up with Fred The Godson for her latest single titled "Dance The Night Away". The track is produced by Platinum Boy Music CEO/Bad Boy Hitman producer Amadeus along with Gerald "Boogie".

To listen to more of Tiffany Mynon's music please be sure to check her Reverb Nation profile by clicking on her page HERE

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amadeus To Judge Get Signed Magazine's Talent Showcase Tonight

Platinum Boy Music CEO and Bad Boy Hitman Amadeus will serve on the panel of judges for Get Signed Magazine's Talent Showcase tonight. Check the flyer for further details:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Amadeus Cover Interview For Beats & Lyrics Magazine & Beats & Lyrics Magazine collaborate to bring you the cover story featuring Platinum Boy Music CEO & Bad Boy Hitman Amadeus. Check the interview below:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Platinum Boy Music At BET's Blaze The Stage

Last weekend Platinum Boy Music CEO Amadeus and PBM Alumni Buda Da Future and Ro had the privilege to participate in a 2 day session for BET's Blaze The Stage along with an amazing panel, TV personalities, and artists like Kevin Shine, Shaheem Reid, Ian Holder, Geter K, June Archer, Dave House, Joie Binns, Ms. Mimi, Ms. Stasia, Kat DeLuna, Maino, Travis Porter to name a few, and the orchestrator of it all, PC (Pat Charles)

Below are a few pics of the weekend's highlights.

Shout out to Covenant Lenses Photography for capturing these images. Be sure to follow them on Twitter HERE


Amadeus Interviews For Coast 2 Coast Magazine

Platinum Boy Music CEO and Bad Boy Hitman Amadeus gets featured in the Producers Corner section for Coast 2 Coast Magazine.

You can check the interview by clicking HERE

About Us

Platinum Boy Music was founded in the year 2000 by musician and multi platinum record producer Antwan 'Amadeus' Thompson. The production company has since been able to expand to include the Music 101 College Tour Seminar. Platinum Boy Music is a tightly knit family not only comprised of talented individuals, but a brand focused on providing the world with quality music.

PBM Profile: Amadeus

Antwan 'Amadeus' Thompson is the CEO of Platinum Boy Music. His music catalog includes production credits for over 50 artists, the theme song to ESPN's First Take, Keyshia Cole's BET Reality Show "Family First", ESPN's Sportscenter, Diddy's MTV and VH1 reality shows, EA Sports Fight Night, and Burger King. Amadeus recently served as a panelist on Making His Band and is currently the Music Director/Tour Drummer for Trey Songz.


PBM Profile: Ro Garcia

President, Platinum Boy Music, Inc


Payment Option

Amadeus On Blazetrak

Platinum Boy Music CEO Amadeus is seeking for Songwriters, Producers, and Web Designers to join his musical imprint Platinum Boy Music, Inc. Please note that ALL considerations will ONLY be reviewed through Blazetrak, with a GUARANTEED video response to all of your submissions.

You can submit to Amadeus by clicking on this Blazetrak link.


AKAI Pro & Amadeus

Be on the lookout for AKAI Pro and Amadeus as they will be collaborating on a couple of projects soon. Details to follow shortly.

You can check out the Akai's artist page for Amadeus by clicking HERE

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