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Amadeus Interviews For Versed Online

We'd like to thank the staff at Versed Online for this interview. Check it out below:

Antwan ‘Amadeus’ Thompson, the music director and drummer to Trey Songz, and part of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ ‘The Hitmen’ legendary production team, is also the CEO of Platinum Boy Music. Record producer and managed by Bad Boy Management,  Amadeus production credits include over 50 big name artists such as 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole, Jeezy, T.I, The Clipse, Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones, and more. Not only is he a Multi Platinum record producer,  Amadeus served as a judge & Music Director on Diddy’s Making His Band, and 106&park “Freestyle Fridays” this past Friday (9/16/2011.) had the chance to do a Q&A with the ‘hits’ producer…check it out!

1) VERSED: Your first break came when you produced for Foxy Brown for the “Cradle 2 the Grave” soundtrack. How did that opportunity come about?

Amadeus: I had a meeting with Foxy Brown’s brother Anton Marchand who was the VP of A&R at Interscope Records at the time & I played him a variety of Hip Hop tracks & he really liked what he heard & felt my style of production would be a great fit for his sister Foxy Brown. He arranged for me to go to the studio to meet Foxy Brown, where she recorded at Chung King studios in NYC. I played Foxy numerous tracks & she loved what she heard & picked  5 tracks that she really liked. The next day I got a phone call from her other brother Gavin informing me that she recorded 2 songs to my tracks one titled “Get Off Me” which was a diss record towards female rapper Eve. The other song was “Cradle 2 The Grave (My Life)” which ended up being the titled song for the movie Cradle 2 The Grave, along with being featured on the soundtrack. By being apart of this project I was rewarded my 1st Gold Plaque for the soundtrack selling over 500,000 copies.

2) VERSED: Many producers have something unique that allows listeners to identify their music. How does your music differ from other producers…what is your “identifier?”

Amadeus: I never was really a fan of making tracks similar to each other allowing the listeners to be able to identify a track of mine. I wanted to confuse people every time I produced a song. I wanted to prove to the world that I was capable of many different type of styles & sounds. I produced for artists all over the world, east coast, west coast, southern,   international artists & etc. The more creative & versatile you are as a producer the more opportunities you create for yourself.

3) VERSED: Is it more difficult to produce for a Hip-Hop influenced track with comparison to an R&B track?
Amadeus:  No not at all I’m a musician 1st. I can produce many different genres of music.

4) VERSED: Having worked with numerous artists, who would you say have been the most difficult to work with/for?

Amadeus: I’m grateful to God to say that I’ve never had an experience in which it was difficult for me to work with any particular artist. I’ve heard many stories, but fortunately I don’t have any of my own.


5)  VERSED: You’re a member of ‘Hitmen’ and also managed by Bad Boy Entertainment. With all the negative press surrounding Diddy, in reference to how he manages his artists, what incited your decision to become part of his camp?

Amadeus: I know what value I bring to the table & to the team. I’ve never been concerned with what other people have said about an individual. I’m the type of person that likes to experience things on my own. In life I feel that everyone’s situation is different. I’m a hard worker & I was already an established producer before I became apart of the Bad Boy Management team. No matter who I join forces with, this is MY career & I refuse to let anyone else work harder than me, for me.

6)  VERSED: With so many things going on in the music/entertainment industry; such as heavy drugs, sex, and homosexuality, as a Christian, do you find it difficult to work in such a secular environment?

Amadeus: No, I don’t find it difficult because these are all issues & things that happen all over the world not just in the secular music world. Unfortunately these things happen in the church as well. Everywhere you go there will be sin & wrongdoing. To me its all about what you as an individual choose to do. I choose to live with & for God. That has & will always sustain me in this difficult business that I’m a part of. I’ve been in the music business for over 15 years & I’ve shed blood, sweat & tears. It’s all worth it because, my steps have been ordered & this is my destiny. No weapon formed against me or my Platinum Boy Music team shall prosper!!!

7) VERSED: As the musical director and lead drummer for Trey Songz, how would you describe life on the road? What are some of the challenges you face being away from home?

Amadeus: Just like anything in life there are good times & challenging times. The most difficult part for me is being away from my wife & son. Thank God for technology I’m able to communicate with them as I travel the world but regardless of skype, email & etc there is nothing like really seeing & being with them face to face in person but it is what it is. I gotta work in order to provide & take care of my family, so it’s worth the sacrifice. Another challenge for me is being away from producing records w/artists. Being that I’m on the road a lot, I’m not able to work in the studio on new music as I would like to. I maintain my hustle & push the music that I’ve already created & fortunately I’ve gotten a few placements with those tracks. The reality of it all is that nothing in life is free you have to work & make sacrifices in order to become & remain successful.

8) VERSED: You’re the CEO of Platinum Boy Music Inc., explain the mission and what people should expect from your camp?

Amadeus: Platinum Boy Music Inc consists of female artist Tiffany Mynon “The Angel of R&B”, Producers Buda Da Future & Grandz Muzik , Calico Beatz, Esteban “Cito” Crandle & Songwriter Eric “Sankofa” Pullins. Were a family 1st & a team of individuals that are passionate about providing the world with top-notch quality music from our hearts & soul. There are a lot of different ventures in the works for Platinum Boy Music stay tuned to our movement.

9) VERSED: With the artists/producers under Platinum Boy Music inc., what is the process of signing on new artists/producers?

Amadeus: For me it’s ALL about what you bring to the table musically & as an individual. Millions of people have been blessed with a talent/gift but do you know who gave you that talent/gift, do u know what to do with that talent/gift, are some of the questions I ask to that up-incoming artist producer or songwriter. I’ve accomplished a lot on my own as a record producer so I’m always looking for someone that brings something different to the team. I wouldn’t sign a producer that sounds like me because I already have that area covered. I look for someone who is creating a sound or style I’m not & that’s what I’ve found in the producers/songwriters that I have on the Platinum Boy Music roster.

10)  VERSED: What advice would you give to up & coming music producers?

Amadeus: It’s a tough business so the 1st thing I would say to the producers is, if this is what you want to do then it must be a passion 1st. Don’t do this to become famous or to become rich, that’s the wrong reasons, because success in the music doesn’t happen overnight & if it did for someone it didn’t last very long. 2nd enjoy what you do as a creative person, be free & create from your heart/soul. Don’t worry about creating music like what’s on the radio. Just allow the music you create to be real & sincere, the audience will see the realness & they’ll support your work. Most important to me is to have fun, the moment it stops being fun to create music, which is your passion, it becomes extremely difficult to continue. I could go on & on but I’m sure you get the point. Don’t stop chasing your dreams, no matter what.

11)  VERSED: What is next on your roster?

Amadeus: Tiffany Mynon “The Angel of R&B” Album coming soon!!! Be sure to log on to daily for ALL updates on the Platinum Boy Music team & please follow us on twitter @ProducerAmadeus & @TiffanyMynon thanks in advance for all of your support God Bless


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