Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tiffany Mynon Interviews For SoulTrain.Com

We want to thank Joe Walker and the staff over at SoulTrain.com for the platform and opportunity to share Platinum Boy Music's Angel Of R&B Tiffany Mynon.

Check out her interview and listen to her single below:

SoulTrain.com presents this exclusive World Premier, the new single “IKnowHowToLoveU.Com” by Platinum Boy Music recording artist/songwriter, “The Angel of R&B”, Tiffany Mynon! Song produced by multi-platinum-selling producer Amadeus – legendary BadBoy Hitman and Platinum Boy CEO

Before listening to her single, enjoy this exclusive in-depth interview with Tiffany Mynon, where she talks what influences her songwriting, working with Amadeus, and learning to love.

Soul Train: Tiffany, you can really feel the passion in your voice on “IKnowHowToLoveU.Com”. Is it your heart or creativity that drives the instrument of your voice?

Tiffany Mynon: It’s my heart. What I like most about songwriting and being creative when coming up with songs is the collaboration. I like to talk it out. These words are not coming so much from my head. I have to think about it, but when I stumble it’s coming from my heart, and I’m trying to get the words to match how I feel. Then I collaborate with the people I work with and they get what I’m saying. They get the picture based on what’s coming from my heart.

Soul Train: There’s an honestly emotional tone throughout the track Amadeus produced for this single. After he heard your words and felt you on the song, did he go back and make changes to the track to tailor it to how you were feeling or how he felt from what you were saying?

Tiffany Mynon:
Not this time; he didn’t do that this time, but he does that. But this one… It was already there, it magically worked! It just fit. I felt so passionately about the lyrics to the track, it just flowed.

Soul Train: Where do you feel this song really hits its flow?

Tiffany Mynon: On the bridge: “When your heart gets close to mine, you feel a connection; you can find me, you can find me on IKnowHowToLoveU.Com”. That’s essentially cyberspace. It’s never ending. You can find love anywhere if you’re looking for it.

Soul Train: Tiffany, what makes a song effective?

Tiffany Mynon: It’s when it can convey an emotion in the listener, whether it be a happy emotion or sad. It makes a person feel free. It uplifts the spirit and gets to the soul of the individual. I think that’s what makes a song effective.

Soul Train: Once “IKnowHowToLoveU.com” was completed and you heard it with the ear of a listener, what kind of effect did it have on you?

Tiffany Mynon: An understanding of love! Everyone loves love, and compassion, and acceptance. I feel at times we all make mistakes, but when you have compassion for another person to understand why they maybe made a wrong decision and still love them in spite of that… I think that is the ultimate! After listening I just felt like heart-to-heart is what we are. We are all connected. Knowing how to love someone involves knowing how to be compassionate, how to forgive, and how to trust. Even when you’re yelling and angry, underneath all that is still love.

Soul Train:
What have you gained the most by putting your heart out there?

Tiffany Mynon: I’ve gained more personal experience. The more I listen to the song the more I realize how relevant it is for most people. From a child until you’re elderly you learn more and more about how to love. And it can be harder for some folks than others when it’s on a personal level. Listening to the lyrics over again it starts to make more sense. It makes me think about different things that have transpired in my life and how I’ve overcome.

Soul Train: When you’ve created a song based on personal experience, especially experience that comes from pain, how many times can you listen to it before it doesn’t hurt anymore?

Tiffany Mynon: Hmmm… That’s a good question. When you make the decision to say I’m not going to give you this, the power to hurt me! I’m going to take control of what it is. It’s hurt me before, so I already know what that’s like. So I’m going to let that go and move on. I’m not going to focus on that.

Soul Train:
What kind of power do you want listeners to get from the lyrics of this song?

Tiffany Mynon: I want them to understand that everyone has the power to know how to love, but it’s a work-in-progress. Everyone has the power to learn how to love, but it doesn’t come automatically because sometimes things happen that make us feel the opposite of love. You can be fearful and a lot of those other negative things. I want everyone to listen to the lyrics of this song and know they’re worthy of compassion, trust, and love. They’re capable of giving it back unconditionally.

Soul Train: Tiffany, if you could introduce this song to your listeners individually, in person, what would you say to them to make it a truly interpersonal interactive experience?

Tiffany Mynon: With social media taking the forefront of interpersonal relationships, I’m a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words. So learn how to love with “IKnowHowToLoveU.Com”


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