Friday, March 2, 2012

Amadeus & Tiffany Mynon Part Of An All-Star Lineup Paying Tribute To Don Cornelius

Platinum Boy Music CEO & Bad Boy Hitmen producer Amadeus alongside the "Angel Of R&B" Tiffany Mynon are part of an all star lineup that pays tribute to the late Don Cornelius in this article written by Mr. Joe Walker for You can read the entire article here

Read below to get Amadeus' and Tiffany Mynon's thoughts of what Soul Train and Don Cornelius meant to them:

“‘TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday; one more day until we get a new episode of Soul Train!’ Those were my exact words as a youngin looking forward to Saturday mornings and that new episode of Soul Train! From the featured artist performances, to the artists’ interviews, to the variety of dancers and the Soul Train line, it was a show of excitement and pure entertainment. I remember trying to imitate Don Cornelius’ voice. He had that deep Barry White-like tone with the OG swagg that drove the ladies crazy, and I wanted to be like him on Saturdays! [Laughs] But on a serious note, Don Cornelius created an outlet and a platform for musical artists to be seen and heard, and was one of the first to do so for our culture. I’m appreciative of that. It was kind of like my introduction to music and artistry! I never knew that one day I would become a successful record producer and touring musician, and here I am today. I owe a BIG thank you to the one and only Don Cornelius who was very influential in my learning and appreciation for music in the early part of my life! R.I.P Don Cornelius. You will never be forgotten!” – Antwan “Amadeus” Thompson

“Don Cornelius’ contributions to entertainment sparked a feeling of rhythm and passion that was unspeakable at my young age. I just somehow was able to relate to the feeling of bliss, royalty and pizazz. Seeing him host a soulful party was a highlight of every Saturday with the hopes of growing older to ‘get loose’ like his guest and slide down the Soul Train line. His innovative idea will be missed and never duplicated.” – “The Angel of R&B” Tiffany Mynon


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